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Gletscherschutzinitiative: Klimaschutz per Hüftschuss?

Die Idee für eine Klimainitiative ist kurz nach Paris aufgetaucht, heute wurde der Plan erstmals an die Öffentlichkeit gebracht. Sie sei «brandgefährlich», heisst es bereits bei Economiesuisse. Die Leute haben für einmal recht, aber anders herum. Brandgefährlich ist die Gletscher-Initiative nicht für die Industrie in der Schweiz, sondern für den Klimaschutz. Gletscherschutzinitiative: Klimaschutz per Hüftschuss? weiterlesen

The Day after Yesterday. What the Paris climate conference agreed on.

Any news that’s two days old will sure be ignored. You would therefore expect everybody in that press room to have been busy spreading the news, even more so when their peers were all reporting from a „historic“ event. Not this time, though: Just then, the media granted itself a little pause to applaud, a peer recorded. „Joy without end“, one of them reported from the final moments of the conference. Its participants hugged one another. Many had tears in their eyes. Germany’s minster for the environment immediately made a statement — tears of joy in her eyes, too — about the „historic moment“. Barack Obama was pleased, too. „This is huge: Almost every country in the world just signed on to the #ParisAgreement on climate change—thanks to American leadership“, he tweeted. Will future generations be happy with the outcome of the Paris agreement? Would the non-human living nature have a reason to celebrate? There is reason for doubt. The Day after Yesterday. What the Paris climate conference agreed on. weiterlesen